Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post 2 , Umar Sayeed Designer Lawn Collection 2013 by Al Karam

   Another venture of Al Karam textiles and one of the top designer, Umar Sayeed, to bring the Designer Lawn collection for the summers of 2013. Past and present blend together to create something truly timeless. Umar Sayeed, the master craftsman, weaves bold, breakthrough design with intricate motif embellishments that captures immortal beauty in a rich tapestry of form and color. Umar Sayeed designer lawn collection 2013 is elegant and classy. From the horizons of style and class, the collection stands out for its intricate craftsmanship by one of the leading designers in Pakistan fashion industry.     The collection titled Immortal Attraction truly lives up to the name as the visionary designs of Umar Sayeed and soft, breathable fabric from Al Karam collaborate to bring thedesigner collection of this year’s leading lawn collection. The collection shoot is modeled by Zara Peerzada. Check out the complete Umar Sayeed’s Designer Lawn collection for the year 2013 below.           


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